Life with my lens - Aaron Codling Photography

Life with my lens.

I consider myself a bit of a wanderer who enjoys all life has to offer. To be able to capture these experiences with my cameras through imagery and video has always been a passion of mine. Walking city streets and country roads, mountain biking some of the best trails offered or driving my old Montero to remote destinations and towns to have a beverage with a stranger. I want to know, I want to learn, I want to experience life, Love, laughter and adventure with you all.

This will be a journey, a traveling photography blog if you will, of life with my lens.

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About my Montero...

This beautiful, classic safari rig is currently sitting in the shop getting its motor rebuilt. I love older cars and trucks for their simplicity. With that comes maintenance, sometimes lots of it. I was planning on a rebuild soon to have it ready for adventure but it decided now was the time.

One week in the shop = years of fun. That's a fair trade in my book. 

I chose Burke View Garage in Lyndonville, Vermont to do the work. They are fair, extremely friendly and quite experienced in the procedure.  Check them out here > .

This is how you will find me while I am without my Montero. Pedaling my Surly Pugsley ,  also a classic, through the wind, snow, rain and dodging plow trucks. If you see me don't hesitate to stop and talk or maybe offer a lift ;)

My gear I can trust to keep me and my belongings warm and dry:

MountainSmith Mayhem 35 pack

Patagonia Alpine Pants

Northface Venture 2 shell